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When Driving

Bicycles belong on the road by law. They are slow-moving vehicles and are expected to follow the same rules of the road as motor vehicles. Cyclists can use as much of the lane as they safely need.

Avoiding collisions with cyclists is easy with a few good habits:

When parked on the road

When parked on the road, check mirrors before swinging car doors open.

When driving

  • 1 Metre Rule: Leave 1 metre between your car and a bicycle when passing. Follow behind the bike until it is safe to change lanes and pass on the left.
  • Check mirrors and blind spots often when driving. Cyclists can be moving much faster than you think — up to 40k/hr.

When turning

  • Shoulder check before turning right. Be careful not to cut off cyclists at intersections when making a turn.
  • Always signal before turning or changing lanes — signalling helps cyclists to know where your vehicle is heading.

Same Roads • Same Rules • Same Rights

Be Respectful