The RIMM (Riding In Mississippi Mills) Rovers and Slow Spokes are mostly retired or semi retired folk who want to remain actively healthy and enjoy fresh air.

They ride mostly back roads around Almonte where it is safest, at a leisurely pace. The Rovers’ rides are 20-40km, and they meet Thursdays at the Almonte library where there is lots of parking for those who transport their bikes to the starting place. Rides begin at 9:00am in June, July and August and 9:30am in April, May, September and October. Rides end with a social “coffee” meet or whatever was decided on as a group. Longer rides that include lunch will be announced ahead of time.

 They are a flexible group without a true leader. For each ride, a ‘leader’ and a ‘last in line’ are appointed at take off.

For more information or to join in, contact Greta Bradley.