Local Cycling Groups

Almonte Bicycle Club – Serving Almonte, Carleton Place, Pakenham, West Carleton and Lanark County.

The club runs a full spectrum of bicycling activities ranging from leisurely Sunday social rides on the road to provincial level championship races off road, organized on a non-profit basis by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Saturday and Sunday circle tours, conducted on scenic rural byways run from April to November. Starting usually from Almonte, rides proceed at a leisurely pace, in loose formation, with stops every 15 km for drinks and a restaurant lunch at the half way mark.

Mississippi Mills Family Bicycle Club – This new club promotes family cycling with fun, sociable rides and educational campaigns.

RIMM Rovers – The Rovers are mostly retired or semi retired folk who want to remain actively healthy and enjoy fresh air. They ride mostly back roads around Almonte where it is safest at a leisurely pace (14-16 km/hr) on routes from 20 to 25km in length.

Rusty Spokes – A casual riding group, mostly retired, who meet weekly at 9:00 am on Wednesdays for a relaxing 20km country ride to enjoy each other’s company, the landscape, to have a few laughs, and to get a little exercise.

Supporting the development of a rural cycling community

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