Refurbished bike from Almonte Bicycle WorksAlmonte Bicycle Works supports Haiti’s continued redevelopment following the devastating 2010 earthquake through a Focus on Development Bikes for Haiti program (more on the program and where the money goes below).

This Almonte-based cycling store run by Bill Barrie first started out by collecting donated bikes, refurbishing them and sending them to Haiti. Before long, Bill and his colleagues realized that it made more sense to keep revitalized used bikes here in Mississippi Mills and instead send all proceeds from used bike sales.

An overview of the program was written by Jeff Mills and published in The Millstone. Read the article here >

How to Take Part

Local residents are welcome to continue to drop off used and neglected bikes in support of this program.

Many families find that the revitalized bicycles make for a very affordable ride, especially for growing kids. All proceeds go to Haiti.


Where the Money Goes

The documents below are from Partners in Health, the organization that makes use of the funds raised.
Bikes for Haiti, PIH Canada – November 2014
PIH Canada Gender Based Violence Project, Jan – Mar 2015 Report