Almonte Bicycle Club – Serving Almonte, Carleton Place, Pakenham, West Carleton and Lanark County.

The club runs a full spectrum of bicycling activities ranging from leisurely Sunday social rides on the road to provincial level championship races off road, organized on a non-profit basis by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Saturday and Sunday circle tours, conducted on scenic rural byways run from April to November. Starting usually from Almonte, rides proceed at a leisurely pace, in loose formation, with stops every 15 km for drinks and a restaurant lunch at the half way mark.

Adopt a Road Program – Mississippi Mills Bicycle Month has been a Lanark County Adopt a Road group since 2012. We have laid claim to the section of County Road 17 (Blakeney Road) from Carss Street in North East Almonte to the former railway crossing toward Blakeney.

Join us June 3rd 2015 as part of our Bicycle Month adopt a road clean up. Meet up at the Corner of Blakeney Road and Carss Street at 5pm.

Almonte Bicycle Works – Long time and year round cyclist, Bill Barrie, is ‘the’ go to bicycle mechanic in Mississippi Mills, if not all of Eastern Ontario. Bill knows his stuff and can help you with all your bicycle needs from sizing an affordable bike for your child to sourcing studded tires to keep you riding when others have hung up their bikes. Choose from a new Raleigh to a repurposed beautiful ‘Beauty,’ Bill’s own signature line hand-built with love and attention, to an affordable Haiti Bike. To learn more about Bill and his much treasured Almonte Bicycle Works, follow the link to the ABW website.

Almonte Outdoors – A group organizing outdoor sports and activities in the Almonte area. Renowned for their building of the Almonte Riverside Trail.

Bicycles for Haiti Program – Local residents are welcome to drop off used and neglected bikes in support of this program, which continues to raise funds for Haiti’s redevelopment.

BMX Park at August Street Park -Friends of Augusta seek 6 loads of affordable clay to finish their BMX course in this cool neighbourhood park. Can you help? Visit Friends of Augusta Park on Facebook.

Mississippi Mills Grand Prix – To learn more about this exciting 4-stage Ontario Cup Race visit the Grand Prix Facebook page.You can also visit the organizer’s page

The 4th annual (2015) takes place Friday, August 14th (Pakenham-Blakeney Circuit Race), Saturday 15th (Clayton Road Time Trial and Downtown Almonte Criterion), and Sunday 16th (Pakenham Road Race) 2015.

Mississippi Mills Family Bicycle Club – This new club promotes family cycling with fun, sociable rides and educational campaigns.

Mississippi Mills Bicycle Month – A family friendly set of bicycle-themed events, occurring throughout the month of June in Mississippi Mills.

OBC Cyclocross – We are proud of MM Bicycle Month co-chair Bob Woods who has been organizing cyclocross races in Mississippi Mills and across Eastern Ontario for more than 25 years. Follow the link to learn all about this exciting bicycle race discipline.

RIMM Rovers – The RIMM (Riding In Mississippi Mills) Rovers are mostly retired or semi retired folk who want to remain actively healthy and enjoy fresh air. They ride mostly back roads around Almonte where it is safest at a leisurely pace (14-16 km/hr) on routes from 20 to 25km in length.

Rusty Spokes – A casual riding group, mostly retired, who meet weekly at 9:00 am on Wednesdays for a relaxing 20km country ride to enjoy each other’s company, the landscape, to have a few laughs, and to get a little exercise.

Silver Chain Challenge – The Challenge is a friendly competition within the nine communities of Lanark County, as well as between Lanark and Renfrew Counties, to inspire and promote more active and healthier communities.

Mississippi Mills Bicycle Month and the Physical Activity Network – Renfrew County invite residents to compete for the most bicycled community and county each June.