Brewery Tour

June 22, 2019




Equator Coffee Roasters

This destination-themed tour will take you through scenic Mississippi Mills to showcase four local breweries in our area that are all within riding distance.
The tour will takes us:
from Equator Coffee Roasters to Braumeister Brewery
from Braumeister to Stalwart Brewery
from Stalwart to Cartwright Spring Brewery
from Cartwright Springs to Crooked Mile Brewery

Total distance ~73 kms

The ride starts at 10:30am June 22 from in front the Equator Coffee Roasters.

All of the tour will travel over secondary roads, the Mississippi Valley Trail, with some gravel riding. Please also note that we will not have a chance to stop at any restaurants or stores for food so please pack food supplies for your travel. Our hosts will be able to provide water and other refreshments.