The EO Region shares a variety of attributes, including: geographic similarities; population demographics; and stakeholders and Provincial and Federal political decision-makers.  The creation of an EOAT Network is the response for the growing need for collaborating and increasing our collective capacity to address the unique challenges and issues faced in Eastern Ontario around active transportation.


Our purpose is to be a collaborative network for improving active transportation in Eastern Ontario for the benefit, health and wellbeing of our communities.


  • Liaise with active transportation advisory committees and groups, and provincial groups
  • Build the collective capacity of the network members
  • Mobilize support for active transportation
  • Communicate and collaborate to share resources and information
  • Advocate to ensure the needs of our region are considered and reflected at the provincial and federal level.


The EOAT Network membership is open to any and all individuals working and/or residing in Eastern Ontario (as defined by the Public Health Eastern Ontario boundaries) who have a professional or personal interest in active transportation.  This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • User groups
  • Advocate groups
  • Trail groups
  • Public Health professionals
  • Municipalities
  • County and Municipal councillors
  • Planners
  • Police
  • Tourism & Economic Development
  • Conservation Authorities
  • Field Naturalists

Become part of our Eastern Ontario Active Transportation Network (EOATN) where we will continue the conversation about building healthy active communities in Eastern Ontario. Here are two ways for you to participate in the network and engage with the other members.

  1. Sign up here to receive our EOATN Newsletter 3 times per year.  These newsletters will include: local updates; best and promising actions happening in our communities; and resources, funding, training, and events.  Members will have an opportunity to share local updates to be featured in the newsletter.
  2. Go to our Facebook Group here and request to join.  The Facebook Group is a forum for sharing resources, learning about what is happening, stimulating discussion and meeting new partners across Eastern Ontario.