Serving Almonte, Carleton Place, Pakenham, West Carleton and Lanark County, theĀ Almonte Bicycle Club runs a full spectrum of bicycling activities ranging from leisurely Sunday social rides on the road to provincial level championship races off road. All of their activity is organized on a non-profit basis by a dedicated group of volunteers.

Saturday and Sunday circle tours, conducted on scenic rural byways run from April to November. Starting usually from Almonte, rides proceed at a leisurely pace, in loose formation, with stops every 15 km for drinks and a restaurant lunch at the half way mark.

The club is affiliated with the Ontario Cycling Assocation and the Canadian Cycling Association, governing bodies for the sport. The club also supports local initiatives, with charity rides, promoted in April and September.

Membership is open to individuals for an annual fee of $65.00 per adult (over 18), and $39 (18 and under). Riders of all ages are welcome but for liability reasons, parental participation is required in the case of riders under 14 years of age.