2019 Postcard Comments

I love my bike(s). Yes one can have many different kinds of these amazing machines. I love my bikes because they are the most efficient non motorized machines on the planet. Their return on effort is the greatest of any non motorized machine offering a non polluting mode of transportation, a physical and mental health tonic, clear, clean creative thought, human scale social interaction, and intimate connection with the natural world. They are cool and beautiful and artful. I’ve never had a bad bicycle ride. I love my bikes!   – Jeff

My community is best seen in person.  It’s not the destination but the ride – I feel like a kid every time I ride, and this town allows me to experience what living in Almonte feels like. – Ken 

I love the feeling of freedom my bike gives me.  Such an amazing way to travel — you get to really take in the places you travel through. (no name)

Bike = Thank-goodness-it’s-almost-summer-time-to-start-my-bike-gang-with-my-pals-preferred-mode-of-transport-to-and-from-wine-and-porch-nights.  Basically, fun. – Monika

My bicycle is stress relief and health maintenance!  If I have aches & pains I get on my bike and ride until they are gone.  Keep on riding!  – Grace

I bought my red CCM Supercycle from Canadian Tire when I was in Grade 10.  My husband had it restored for me for my 50th birthday.  I’ve had that bike for 40 years.  Freedom, strength. Health. Sunshine.  What’s not to love? ? – Joan

My bicycle represents freedom. It always did.  When things got tough at home – I hopped on my bike, felt the wind on my fact and thought “ESCAPE” – Tracey 

My bike is my stress-relief, my morning meditation and sanity-saver.  – Barb

Effort becomes joy
The soul smiles
Inspiring hope and playfulness     – FG

I love the way cycling makes me feel part of nature when I’m wheeling around on country roads – the smells, sounds, sights, sensations of the countryside – and also part of the villages – neighbours, gardens, events.  The recent 1-metre-distance rule for motorists makes me feel safer, and more dedicated bike lanes would make me feel safer still!  – Theresa

Cycling has always been important to me.  As a kid, it was how I got around and gave me the freedom to go where I wanted.  As an adult, it keeps me fit and allows me to enjoy the wonderful natural beauty of the Almonte area.  Please keep Mississippi Mills bicycle friendly!  – Bruce

Bicycling is good for you because you get exercise for your entire body.  My nana pushed me down a hill and said “good luck”!  And that’s how I learned to ride my bike.  – Mason (picture)

As we age, biking becomes a great & safe alternative for exercise (with the bonus of a breeze!) – Kristen

I love it for exercise, love the new OVRT – no hills!  Being able to leave the car at home, and contribute a bit to better air. – Gudrun

There is magic in watching my son-in-law cycle off with his three daughters in tow for a ride around our village. – Paddye

I love riding my bike because it’s fun and you can go fast.  Biking is so cool.  I can bike with no hands and stand on the seat.  I can do a lot more tricks.  I have a blue bike.  I ride it, like, every day.  – Curtis

Bikes will always be important to me.  But recently, my Italian fiancé really enjoyed exploring Canada and his local region on a bike.  We love to discover new places by bike.  – Lauren and Luigi – Canada & Italy in 2019

Why do I ride my Bike? My 30 yr old, well maintained bike is a joy to ride. It’s a time of meditation when I hop up on my bike.  A quiet meditation of quiet effort to push my body in achievable increments from one ride to the next. Devoid of distractions, it’s just me, my bike and the trail.  A private sanctuary.  No electronic gadgets, just trees, wind, bird songs, maybe a deer, and the sounds of my breathing.  I push a little harder, switch to a higher gear then try to maintain.  It’s a satisfying meditation of effort.  – Sandi

A bicycle is the perfect fusion of utility and pleasure.  The freedom to roam on a bike is a very special thing, and I appreciate it like a new thing after our long winters.  It’s never dull or commonplace.  When I’ve lived away from home for periods of time, a bicycle was always a top priority, even if for just a few weeks or months. A personal history of bicycles loved is a great thing. (no name)

As a kid, having two wheels meant the freedom to visit friends throughout the long hazy days of summer. In retirement I’ve had the joy of rediscovering the pleasure of exploring back roads with friends at a slower pace than four wheels allows. And then there’s the added health benefit from staying physically active!  – John

Bicycles are the most beautiful and useful invention for humanity.  They have given people mobility and eased the daily burden.  For hundreds of years.  Also added joyful leisure to our lives. I still remember the elation I felt when realizing I was riding balanced on my own, unsupported, when the hand holding my seat was no longer there.  Later in life I used it regularly to commute to work at various locations, and it became a fixture in my life. In time it became part of long tours, family rides, and other sports events. Modern bicycles are wonderful technical devices, with assistance for those who need it and many improvements. Love bicycles!  – DG

I bike to get to yummy destinations like ice cream shops, old fashioned general stores and quaint cafes. My second reason for biking is to reduce the size of my lower half. – Penny

Biking is like watching TV without commercials or a subscription. People I know come out to see me and I have the joy of seeing what living looks like. – Adam

My children and I bike around our town. I feel like I’m teaching them how to drive by pointing out signs and explaining ‘right-of-way’. They just like being with Mom.  – Lucy

I bike b’cuz I can’t afford airfare. Lucky we live in the best place already.  – Cal

My bike is a way for me to escape reality and stay in tune with the nature around me.  – Skyelyn

My bike always puts a smile on my face! – Paul

Almonte is a great cycling community and I love cycling here on my road or hybrid bike.  Keep Almonte bike friendly! – Karl 

I like biking cause going off-road is exciting and the fact you can do tricks and move without doing pollution. – Gabriel

Biking has helped me rediscover the town I grew up in with my son…and he loves it! – Jamie

Great idea to designate the month of June for bicycling.  It has inspired me to take my bike out and get moving.  Saying goes “Life is like riding a bike – Just keep moving to stay balanced.” – Shelagh

Cycling is important for this community – health, relationships, connection to the surroundings. – Judith 

I love to bike, I was born on a bike, it is part of who I am, riding wherever I want or need to go, freedom is biking, no pollution, healthy on the body and enriching my mental health. – Ingrid 

Our cycling consists of exploring our new home town of Almonte.  We’ve explored many areas of Miss. Mills – love getting out in nature and exercising. – Kathy 

I love my bike because it makes me see the world around me & stop to explore when the fancy takes me.  It also makes me feel young even when the mirror doesn’t. – J 

My bicycle is an extension of me.  I bike to my work in Kanata once a week (from Almonte).  I love my ride, passing by farms, cows, horses and goats.  I love the open sky when I am on my bike. – Parthy (picture included)

Freedom!  The rhythm of the road! (no name)

To: Bikes around the world.  Bikes mean I can take my dog for a walk. – From: Rory

Freedom and lovely views!  Feel like a kid again : )  – Jenn

My bike means freedom – Gilda

I love riding my bike because I can ride down hills.  When I ride down I always fall into a pile of leaves and it’s really fun! (picture included) (no name)

I took up biking in my late 40s so I could do triathlon, and I just kept going!  I love that I can cycle on the OVRT, and am looking forward to doing so this summer YAY! Love the #PINK bike on the front of this postcard.  Pedal Power –  Susan 

I like how it creadef (creative?). (no name)


My bike is my car. Lol I like biking cause it’s freeing ? – Mair 

I love bikes and cycling.  My first bike I got at about 7 and I would ride it around the block every a.m. before school.  It was a girl’s, and was burgundy.  Now I have a pink racer – very light.  I got it because it goes fast.  But now at 68 – it is sometimes hard to put my leg over the bar (men’s bike).  Back to a girl’s?  When biking in the country – because a bike has no motor – you can see close up the wild flowers and hear the birds + the sounds of nature. – Elizabeth 

When I go down hills I go fast and I can do tricks. –  Ireland (picture included)

My bike is a smine (smile?) to me.  – Cameron 

I Love My Bike  It allows me to see the world! (no name)

Dear Bike Gods, Almonte is the best place to bike, Road + trail, puts wind in my sail! – Helen 

I love to bicycle because it gets me places faster and it is fun! – Rory 

You can go anywhere. I like that my seat can go up & down – Eloise 

Why I like to bike…I like to bike because it is fun and it gets me places faster. ? Marjorie

I like to bike, but I would really love to bike.  I think it is never too late to learn to ride.  Jane

We can’t wait to join everyone this year ? – Wendy, Presley, Lilly Desiree

My bike gives me the freedom to explore at a slow pace so I can see everything our planet has to offer. – T

Freedom! – Allan 

My daughter, Maren, loves to come on my bike rides. (picture by Maren included)

You can’t beat the sense of freedom that cycling brings.  Every Spring I am reminded just how much cycling means to me.  Keep biking! – Trevor

I would like to have a three wheel bicycle – Jessica

I live to bike, I bike to live.  – Andrew

I like to bike 1) exercise, 2) environment, 3) fun, 4) other bike people, 5) exercise, 6) exercise – Mike 

Wheels are awesome!! – Chris 

I like biking because it is fun. – Harriet 

I love to cycle because it keeps me fit and I love the fresh air. – James 

I love cycling, especially in the early morning.  It makes me feel alive and uplifted.  I enjoy the birds and the scenery.  I feel connected with the earth. – Carol 

I like to bike because it makes me feel free.  It also makes me feel so nice and alive. – Celine 

I love biking because I love to feel the wind going through my hair.  I feel free when I bike and I love to look at the Nature going by. – Eve 

I like biking because I can explore and it is really fun. – Clementine 

I used to cycle all the time – it’s superior as a mode of transport. – Leah 

I love cycling!  Feel good in my bones and my brain – Karen 

Sunny Days ? Janet

Pedal Power! – Kendra

Cycling 1) is not polluting, 2) is good exercise, 3) employs local people, in stores, repairs, etc. – Glennis & Jack

Love cycling, Fresh air and sunshine.  Bike lanes YAH!! – Rip 

I like biking as I get a better view of Almonte as I travel through. – Jim 

I’d love to cycle but the road shoulders are unsafe. – I.D. 

I like to bike to my friend’s house to play. – Ethan, age 5

I like to bike because I get exercise. – Thomas, age 7

When bicycles are used, things can be done & places can be gone to without taking as much time as walking AND at no cost. The world and YOU need to support bike riding. – Pauline 

I love cycling because it’s great exercise & takes me to beautiful places! – Sue 


Fun, excitement, fresh air – Marilyn 

I like biking because you get to explore even when you don’t want to. – Josie 

My bike is the favorite part of summer Saturdays. I bike to the library, and then around town to do my errands.  I would love to facilitate a biking “culture” – leave your car at home for the day.  Let’s make it easier for everyone to bike! – Steph

Cycling is good for exercise but mostly to slow down & smell the roses – Hélène

Biking is therapy, freedom, exercise and relationship building. – John 

I love to bike because it’s fun. – Olivia

I love biking, it feels fantastic to feel the wind on my face & especially on my back. – Sherry

I love to bike to feel free and relaxed! – Lauryn

I love to bicycle – but without a helmet – and on a dedicated trail without (much) vehicular traffic.  Wind through my hair feels great and new & free way to go shopping. – Julie 

I like the adventure – Jackson

I like when I go up hills.  And I like the adventure. – Finnley

I love to cycle & enjoy our beautiful countryside, it’s good for my health & good for the environment.  A wonderful mode of transportation. – Linda

Why I bike – for the fresh air, for feeling good, for getting in shape – Lise

Life is better on a bike – Ed

Why I like to bike?  I love the feeling of freedom!  Love our trails! – Patty

I like to bike for fresh air, exercise and a great view. – Greg

We like to exercise all the while enjoying the beautiful countryside!  We also like to use our bikes to get from Point A to Point B. – Cathy

I think this bike is very interesting. I would love to ride it and I really really want it. Bye. Have a wonderful day. – From: Maya

I love my bike. – Penelope

I ride a bike. (and 2 great pictures) (no name)

I enjoy biking because I get to enjoy nature. (no name)

It gives me freedom to ride around the neighbourhood and visit friends and go to the skate park. – Nathan

It’s fun to ride. – McKinley

It’s white. (no name)

I like it a lot because it’s weird. (no name)

BICYCLE   I learned to ride in 1951 using my brother’s bike. My son had his own bike built for him from parts of bikes found along the road. The front tire was larger than the back so he had a very distinctive ride. Great Memories! (no name)

My bike takes me to new places. I enjoy the nature and exercise I get from riding my bike. – Bella

I like to bike because it is fun and I get to go places like the school.  – By: Cassie

This looks just like my bike and I love my bike. Freedom and the wind in your face is biking.  (no name)

I love my bike because it glows in the dark. – Bryson

Riding as an excuse to reach the next pub! (no name)

I like the ride and the glide and stopping for a pint! (no name)

Bikes will always be ridden! – Hoyt

Bikes mean going fast enough to keep up with our mom when she’s out for a run! – Rory and Hoyt

My 1990 Norco Bigfoot mountain bike has been upgraded with higher handlebars and narrow road tires as well as various other components. It is a comfortable and very smooth bike.  On several occasions I have been dissuaded from considering an upgrade by a bike expert. Currently my favourite rides are on the OV bike trail.  I have travelled from Carleton Place to Arnprior and my only beef is the stretch between Hwy 29 crossing and where it crosses Blakeney Road.  Some of the worst conditions are in Almonte with loose, coarse gravel surface and unfinished surface at the Ottawa Street crossing.  See C.P. for how it is done. (no name)

When I first came to Almonte 32 years ago, I traded my gorgeous road bike for a clunky cheap mountain bike because the roads were so bad (I was spoiled from Ottawa’s bike paths).  But things are now SO good that I’ve just got a gorgeous new modern hybrid – and I’m just blown away by the excellent views and vistas of this lovely bikeable town!! – Maureen –

Other than walking, the absolute best way to get around.  Experience places at a human scale.  – Colin

We LOVE biking!! It gets us places, it’s free, it’s healthy!!  – Beth and Martin

What I love about biking.  I love when I bike.  The wind rushes in my face and when you go down a hill.  But when it’s a sunny day or when the sun goes down it looks so cool.  My favourite is the sunset. (picture) (no name)

Picture (no name) (no text)

My bike is important to me because it was free!  I rode every day until it broke.  I was really sad.  That was my first bike. – Syncere  (picture)

Bicycling is fun because it is faster than walking and you can get exercise.  Also, it’s fun racing.  But adults can ride their bikes anywhere they want. – – Devin

I like my bike because it’s super-fast and fun.  – Hannah

Bicycling reminds me of summertime.  Healthy, saves energy, freedom.  – Rick 

I love my bike because I can feel every bump in the road!  The wind in my face … and also a great place to store my hockey cards!  – Peter M.

A great way to get exercise, see things in a different way, explore.  – Dina

It’s summer and I can ride my bike.  It has a kickstand and gears.  – Dash (picture)

Biking… it’s fun, good and good for you.  Even though I didn’t get my big fat bike out yet I miss riding it.  Well I have my bike out at Mom’s but not Dad’s.  My Dad lives near all my friends and they have their bikes out. ☹  – Cadence ? (picture)

I like biking because we can get exercise.  But we need a helmet to be safe.  Then we don’t get hurt.  I don’t want to be hurt.  – Parker (picture)

I like riding my bike because of the speed. – Jack (picture)

I like riding because it’s fun to go on bike rides with family and friends.  When I say friends I mean Kooky.  Biking feels good on hot days.  – Alexis (picture)

Comic with captions:  I like bikes!  Stop unicycle!  Got my bike back!  

Roads R4 cars!  That’s rude and wrong!  (no name)

Biking is fun.  It is exercise for your legs.  Exercising your legs makes them stronger.  – Marcus (picture)

I love riding bikes because if you want to go somewhere then the fastest way to get there that isn’t a car is biking.  Going on a bike is a lot of work but it’s good exercise, and also biking is way better for the environment than taking a car.  Biking is probably the funnest way to get around town!  – Cierra

Biking is important for your health and exercise.  You should always bike 2 times a day.  Sometimes it can be boring and fun when you’re riding.  That’s why biking is good for your health. – Boston (picture)

I like to ride my red bike at school.  It has 3 wheels.  I ride it in the halls.  It helps me to get some exercise.  It is good for my muscles.  – Bryce

I love riding my bike.  I like the speed I get from riding down a hill.  It gets me wherever I want to go.  When I ride I usually stand up when I drive.  That’s why I like riding my bike.  – Landon (picture)

I love biking because I love going no hands.  I have only fallen off one time but I still love biking.  I love going up hills and going down them.  I’m never going to stop biking. – Sabrina (picture)

My bike allows me to experience nature and the great outdoors.  I have cycled in many different countries.  It is an efficient, healthy, ‘clean’ mode of transportation.  I think Canada can do better in that regard, especially compared with the Netherlands.  But no matter where, cycling introduces us to new people. ? – Adrienne

Because it brings us together… the thrill of fresh air and actually feeling the weather on your skin and through your eyes is exhilarating!  Because it is low impact on the environment and you can go and experience places in a different way.  Have you tried mountain biking yet?  Talk about being in the present moment!  Yeah!  (no name)

Plastic OR Simple
Fragile OR Elegant
Cheaply built OR Refined
Disposable OR Strong
Unnecessarily complex OR Useful
Ridiculously expensive OR Efficient
The product of fad marketing OR Repairable, Reliable & Comfortable

I commute to work in Kanata as often as my motivation will allow. The Island  Greystone  12th Line  Old Almonte Rd  Golden Line  Old Almonte Rd (Part 2)  Beavertail  Richardson Side Rd  Terry Fox  Palladium.  (Reverse for the ride home) It is a blessing to have access to a 32 km commute with little or no traffic. Neil (my bike probably weighs less than the one shown (a Sironval Sportplex weighing 20 kg)

I love my bike.  It is important to me that I stay healthy and active.  I like to stay strong in order to do the things I like to do such as hike and ski and curl and sail race.  I enjoy being in the sunshine and fresh air while cycling with friends.  We often socialize over coffee (sometimes beer) and maybe lunch.  I also feel better about my carbon footprint as I will avoid using my car if I can use my bike.  (no name)

I enjoy riding a bicycle for the exercise, to enjoy the outdoors and to hear the birds sing.  To stop along the way to enjoy new surroundings.  – Miriam

My bicycle means freedom, energy, health and joy to me   – Jill – and no emissions!

There can only be one!  Just kidding – Tandems for all ? (photo of tandem on front of postcard)

I lived in Denmark for 3 years as a student and my only way of transport was a bike that I could take on the train and on the bus.  It was fantastic!  Because it seldom snows I could use it all year long.  Great memories!  – Berta

Riding my bicycle helps me see, hear and smell the world around me while keeping fit, and reducing my CO2 footprint.  – Chris

Girl Time!  – Christine

June 6, 2019
A bike ride is fun 
When out in the sun
But it is a pain
When out in the rain.
(picture of bike in the rain)
No matter to me
As long as I see
The clouds disappear
And sun again here.
(picture of bike and sun)
– Eileen ?

I love riding my bike in the countryside!  It’s a wonderful way to view the scenery   a refreshing exercise that keeps you cool when you ride!  I’d recommend to anyone to take up this wonderful hobby – Amanda ?

One day, I want to learn how to ride a bike.  A pink bike!  – Amelia

I like the exercise and I run the bicycle club (no name)

I bike because I like to feel the wind in my hair.  I bike because my heart beats faster.  I bike because I get to be with my friends.  I bike to keep moving and stay young.  – Gillian

To bicycle is to share the air.  Sharing our air gives us life.  Life is community.  I want to enjoy our community on a bike.  – Joyce

My bike is my escape.  The hustle and bustle of the rat race all goes away when I’m on my bike.  – Zen (no name)

My favourite bicycle is our tandem, believe it or not.  It’s a chance for my husband and I to be together, chat, explore and share in the exercise!  – Kath

Cheap transportation
Healthy living – what’s not to like! ?  (no name)

A fun way to get around town with my kids.  – Rebecca

A great way to exercise and to teach others to love that feeling of sweat & hard work while pedaling to your heart’s content!  – M.

My bike carries me, my groceries and anything else I can fit in my milk crate basket.  Yeah Spring!! – S.

We love bikes because they connect us with friends, nature and ourselves.  – Sarah and Gunars

My bike is an extension of myself.  My rides home from work take me away from the stress of the day & calm my spirit.  – Kathleen (?) 

Biking adventures with my littles strapped into their child seats is one of my greatest joys.  The smiles on their faces, the wind in their hair!  – Jen

My bike is a fun way to explore nature.  It is challenging (I am learning to mountain bike!) and fun ? – Mary

I love riding my bike for some fresh air and exercise.  I’m always reminded of unique & beautiful places when I ride.  – Katie

Love the feeling of wind blowing through my hair as I race down a hill –> FREEDOM!  – Erica

My bicycle means a way for me to spend time with my Dad.  We both love biking and it’s a way for him to share a common interest with his daughter!  Whooo BIKES!! (no name)

I love to bike with friends and family.  I love the wind in my face too.  – LR

Way to remind me of my favourite childhood memories.  (no name)

Bicycle means:  Enjoying nature rides on the trails with my husband  Running errands.  Meeting people.  Seeing the world at the perfect speed.  Cony

I wish I had a bicycle… #goals  (no name)

It’s all about the shapes!  I’m always impressed by the fact that a collection of specially shaped objects enables me to travel so much faster than I could using just my leg-power alone!  – Marina