Mississippi Mills Bicycle Movement

Welcome to Mississippi Mills Bicycle Movement a one-stop shop for all things two wheeled in Miss Mills.

The time has come to get all our “bikes” in a row! Our town strives to be as bicycle-friendly as possible so we’ve compiled all of the parts in one online place.

June 2018 – Bike Month Events

The calendar of events for June 2018 is being put together, check it out!

What You’ll Find Here

If you’re looking for a schedule for June’s Bicycle Month, a link to the great community bicycle challenge The Silver Chain, or the goings on of the newly formed Mississippi Mills Family Bicycle Club, it’s all here and so much more.

Our site was made possible through a generous donation from the Town of Mississippi Mills, the superb digital craftsmanship of Foil Media and Sumack Loft Design, and the hard work of Mississippi Mills Bicycle Month.

We welcome your input to make it an even greater and more useful resource. This is a beginning. It’s our collective hope that even a short visit to the site will encourage you to turn off the screen and get on your bike! Happy riding in Mississippi Mills!

Supporting the development of a rural cycling community